Mugging on camera.

by waxbanks

Trump won’t win the presidency. But his media campaign is altering the terms under which both parties will do business in the future.

In 2018, and especially in the 2020 Republican primaries, there’s a very good chance we’ll see other campaigns conducted like Trump’s, with that level of Kanye-style narcissistic razzmatazz, from candidates who share little with him ideologically. Why? Because it works: unfiltered tweeting and unrepentant lying and CNN-ready theatrics really do work. ‘Mission Accomplished’ really did work for a while, remember — and that was another world. Trump’s campaign won’t succeed on a national scale, but think of what a media-savvy gubernatorial candidate could do electorally if s/he could snag that level of targeted free advertising.

This is part of Clinton’s appeal right now, I think. She’s counterprogramming against the dumb blockbuster movie. She’s the nostalgia candidate. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the pre-9/11 world, the pre-Facebook world, the pre-Apprentice world. God knows her entitled appeal to women voters has a whiff of the historical society about it.

Clinton will win, but she’s not the future. The next campaign may well look more like Trump’s than like hers.