Wretched: hashtag ‘demdebate,’ as the kids say.

by waxbanks

(Wrote this more than a month ago. –wa.)

Poor Martin O’Malley. By all accounts a downright criminal mayor/governor, but his interjections during the debates this year have this adorable plaintive quality, and are for the most part lucid and compelling. He comes off as neither an exhausting ranter like Sanders nor an oleaginous panderer like Clinton.

Every debate so far has chipped away at the goodwill and respect that Clinton earned during the Obama years. Her expertise isn’t in doubt, only her ethics (and her humanity, but who’s counting). She is, and always has been, a totally compromised machine politician on the take. Sanders is wise to press the matter of Wall St funding — like so many others in Washington and very much unlike Sanders himself, Clinton is bought and paid for. To her credit, her disingenuous ‘Bernie voted to deregulate Wall Street!’ parry last night was less offensive than her pathetic invocation of 9/11 at the previous Dem debate.

But one suspects that she’s got a cache of ten or twenty million middle-aged voters who don’t care who holds her purse strings because, I guess, History. Whether they outnumber Bernie’s Millennial Army, massively un- and underemployed due to last decade’s financial shenanigans, many of whom (charmingly) see Occupy Wall St as a watershed, remains to be seen.

The conventional wisdom is that Sanders is ‘unserious’ on foreign policy. He is totally unconvincing on foreign matters, I admit. On the other hand, he’s the candidate least likely to dispatch flying robots to murder civilians — and may well be, in that regard, the only morally serious candidate. I don’t know.