René sees the potential in him.

by waxbanks

Disney World, at our resort. The woman in the next room attempts to raise the spirits of her husband and teenage son at around 9pm:

‘…he was better with René! He could be one of the best in the country with René! Because René fucking yells at him every day because he see the potential in him!’

‘ don’t want to do any of the extra stuff, you don’t want to work out, but that’s what it takes…’

‘…everyone has a fucking coach though! They do better with a coach! Connor has a coach, Aiden has a coach…’ (She then listed several more of her son’s contemporaries/rivals who are presently thriving due to the careful pedagogy and almost parental care and support of private soccer coaches.)

‘…they don’t just roll over, they don’t just accept what they’re told, and that’s why they’re the best…’

‘…because that’s what a fucking father does!’

She also referred to the son’s present age as ‘the most important point in [his] life.’

At two points during this inspirational address to the troops, the son piped up:

‘Shut up.’


‘Mom, could you shut the fuck up?’

The father spoke at one point but I couldn’t make out his words. One suspects they were a cry for help directed profitlessly at his tormentor.