Provisional table of contents.

by waxbanks

(a work in progress)


Cognitive states associated w/games and play — ‘imaginative stances.’ Roleplaying/storygame history, design, affordances. Ludomancy. Understanding (per Iser/Vaihinger) of textual operation/reception as gamelike. Occasional pieces of RPG setting material (which currently live at a distant anonymous blog).


Writing and reading them. Regular reviews. Coming death of ‘book culture’ and ruminative reading environments. I can’t precisely pin down my reading tastes, though I do go for ‘demanding’ novels, visionary poetry and prose, and speculative nonfiction in the Fort/Hite/Hofstadter/Marcus mold.


How to do it good.


Especially improvised. Phish, inescapably, though less & less over time w/any luck. Psychedelia, paracosms, ambience, surrealism. Trane, Miles, Ornette, Mingus. Slonimsky & other weirdo collector/creators. Virtuosity as generosity.

High Weirdness

Idiosyncratic private understanding of how magic ‘works.’ Deep love of weird taxonomies, all-encompassing systems. Magic as metaphor, universal system of knowledge. Aegypt, alchemy. RAW, Discordianism, Forteana, M.P. Hall. Over the Edge (radio and RPG, coincidentally) as models of free-associative creative tools.


Early Modern America — ‘medieval Boston.’ Lost cities. The nightmare saga of the West End. Complexly integrated/assimilative Cambridge culture. Town/gown ugliness. Recently: the school system and parenting in a self-identified ‘progressive’ town.