My wife has suggested…

by waxbanks

…that I get crotchety if I don’t get enough ‘introvert time’; while I’m not sure I ‘self-identify’ as an introvert, nor that anyone who knows me would call me such a thing, I do know that I need solitude on the reg. Not that this counts, exactly — I can hear my son and the three neighbour kids raising hell through our paper-thin outer walls and windows — but, y’know, close enough. She’s right to point it out and good to do something about it.

So I wrote up this whole blogpost about how I’m thinking of getting a Patreon up, and looking forward to writing this next book, and how you can be a part of that, and blah blah blah et cetera. But I’ll keep that in the back pocket for the moment.

More proper posts before passing the hat.