lastpush freewrite coffeestart rockmiles

by waxbanks

finished the miles thing and put it out, having long since forgotten i’d written it in the first place. forgot about BIG FUN and didn’t wanna split hairs about the BREW sessions box using ‘brew’ as an umbrella for material that made it onto a whole bunch of albums. basically what people care about is BREW, JACK, CORNER, and…the mid-70s live stuff? no great reputation for the other material. two of those are extended ensembles, JACK is streamlined rock. reputations. i wonder if i’ll ever have one, outside of the niche of phish fandom. (i doubt i have one in phish fandom anyhow — i’ve either got zero or several.)

maybe you need to be big enough for a single reputation, a single idea of you, to act as a kind of gravity well into which other opinions fall. that’s your ‘legacy’ or i guess ‘history.’ written by the gawkers.

hell with this. remove head from ass, time to work.