from a file on my hard drive called ‘sabbath – hippie sludge’

by waxbanks

sabbath: hippie sludge

‘iron man’: closing mind left body jam
(parallel progression to ‘black sabbath’ solo)

behind the wall of sleep

(un)motivated time changes as obstacle (for me) — idiomatic metal — where from? crimson king as early sample

electric miles — which rock tradition was miles moving towards? i think something between zeppelin and the improv-heavy ‘jam band’ (‘hippie groove’) stuff…there’s a ‘metal’ quality to some of his rock, but without the anglo-pagan vibe of so much actual metal. he comes to it from another direction. pure bottom-heavy rhythm madness first. every instrument contributing to the groove, the atmosphere. rhythmic atmosphere.

miles is working with a smaller number of degrees of freedom than phish, though he achieves higher intensity along several axes than they almost ever do. harmonic density and extreme harmonic simplicity — dense creation within simple framework.